Slim down by your digestive tract microbiome

The 3 pounds of bacteria that are located in your gut might be more crucial than each and every gene you carry around in your genome.

Multiple clinical trials have been done to show an association between variations in intestinal microbiome (as either a trigger or result) and numerous conditions such as excess weight, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, colon cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, tension, food hypersensitivity, breathing difficulties, autism, hepatic encephalopathy, persistent fatigue, and dermatitis.

Wholesome bacteria flourish in your stomach and intestines by processing fiber. Adjust your intestinal tract bacteria to stop looking like  an overwieght person who gains weight and start looking like a thin person and get rid of excess fat.

One thought on “Slim down by your digestive tract microbiome

  1. I learned about our gut biome in a science class I took at Indiana University. The class was really interesting and I learned a lot from it.
    But your post was very thorough and included things that weren’t even covered in class!
    Great post!! 😁


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