Vaping Health Risks – Explore the Hidden Health Hazards of E-Cigarettes: What You Should Know

Is Vaping Free From Danger?

E-cigs are battery powered appliances that heat a liquid to create a steam that you will breathe in. While that vapor does not include the tars found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, the vapor will include various other chemical substances that could cause impairment.

The e-liquid typically includes combinations of propyleve, glycol and glycerin. Fluids could also include varying concentrations of pure nicotine as well as flavors that will be transmitted along with the vapor for inhalation.

Big Tobacco is trying to repair its reputation, entering into the booming e-cig business while continuing to sell theie standard deadly tobacco products. It has kept public health administrators in Canada, the U.K. and the United States concerned.

Many hundreds of clinical tests have been done on electronic cigarettes. Many are small trials and most are studies that lack a satisfactory placebo.

Regrettably, many of those studies were financed by e-cig companies. They have a tendency to research only one brand of e-cigarette, and frequently only one model. The data that is considered has a tendency to prejudice the outcomes, favoring electronic cigarettes and demonstrates a severe conflict of interest. This lessens the believability of their findings.

Even though there are age limits for buying electronic cigarettes, this does not seem to hinder young adolescents from buying these gadgets. Over the past Five years their use by underage teens (and even pre-teens) has grown significantly. Way back in 2015, 1 in 6 high school students reported vaping in the previous month.

From the teenagers in one study who were non-smokers prior to using e-cigs, one out of five had started to smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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